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  • When is the game coming out?
    Farm Folks is under active development. We're planning a Kickstarter campaign, and following its successful conclusion, a Closed Alpha will be available shortly after. While we don't have a set release date for the full game yet, stay tuned for updates on our progress and the upcoming Kickstarter details!
  • How can I engage with the Farm Folks community?
    he most vibrant place to connect with fellow Farm Folks enthusiasts and our development team is on our Discord server. It's a great spot for lively discussions, updates, and insights about the game. Join us at Farm Folks Discord to be a part of our growing community!
  • Where can I find daily updates and news about Farm Folks?
    For the latest updates and daily news on Farm Folks, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord community. We post regular updates on Twitter and engage with our community on Discord, offering sneak peeks, news, and exciting discussions about the game's development. Stay in the loop and connect with fellow fans by following us on Farm Folks Twitter and joining our Farm Folks Discord. We're excited to have you as part of our growing community!
  • What Kind of Game is Farm Folks?
    Farm Folks offers a unique blend of advanced farming, detailed crafting, and engaging storytelling. In Farm Folks, you'll master automated agriculture, immerse yourself in intricate construction, and form bonds with diverse NPCs. With extensive customization options for everything from structures to furniture, you can create a farm that truly reflects your style. Best of all, experience the joy of cooperative gameplay with friends in multiplayer mode, where teamwork makes your farming dreams come true.
  • When will the Kickstarter campaign for Farm Folks launch?
    We are planning to launch the Kickstarter for Farm Folks between Q1 and Q2 of 2024. As Farm Folks is an extensive project, precise forecasting at this stage is challenging. We're dedicated to launching as soon as possible and appreciate the strong interest shown. We ask for your patience as our team continues to focus on game development.
  • Will Farm Folks feature multiplayer or co-op gameplay?
    Currently, our goal is to support up to 8-player co-op in Farm Folks. We are considering the possibility of expanding this further, depending on network performance and game design considerations. Keep in mind that these plans are subject to change as we continue to develop the game.
  • Can I find Farm Folks on Steam?
    Definitely! Farm Folks is ready for you on Steam. To stay in the loop with all the latest updates and developments, make sure to both wishlist and follow Farm Folks. This way, you won’t miss out on any exciting news or release announcements. You can join our community and start your journey by visiting Farm Folks on Steam. We're thrilled to have your support and can't wait for you to be part of our game's adventure!
  • Is Farm Folks a free-to-play game? What will be its cost?
    Farm Folks might offer a free-to-play experience, but the main game will be paid. We are still determining the pricing and will provide more information as it becomes available.
  • What platforms will Farm Folks be available on?
    Initially, Farm Folks will be released on PC. Afterward, we plan to expand to various consoles and are actively considering a release for the Nintendo Switch, contingent upon game performance. Our goal is to make Farm Folks accessible on as many platforms as possible.
  • I backed Farm Folks on Itch, Humble, or Kickstarter. How will I receive my rewards?
    Crytivo, while not having received any funds from the original funding campaigns, is committed to doing our best to fulfill the promises made by the original developers. Given the evolution in game design, some changes to the original rewards may be necessary. We plan to align these with new rewards from the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, substituting any altered rewards with new ones. Legacy backers will not need to back the new Kickstarter again, unless they wish to increase or alter their tier. They can expect to receive rewards equivalent to their original backing amount. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate these changes and strive to deliver a satisfying experience for all our supporters.
  • What happened to the original development of Farm Folks?
    The original development of Farm Folks faced significant challenges, leading to a situation where the project could no longer be continued by the initial team. At this critical juncture, Crytivo stepped in to rescue the game from being shut down. Their intervention ensures that Farm Folks will not only be completed but will also benefit from Crytivo's extensive experience and commitment to game development, potentially enhancing the game's scope and quality. Read more here.
  • Will there still be an Alpha/Beta for people that backed the game previously?
    Yes, there will indeed be an Alpha/Beta for early backers of Farm Folks. Following the successful Kickstarter campaign we're planning, the Alpha/Beta release will be scheduled. This approach ensures that our early supporters are among the first to experience the game as it evolves under the new development. We value the patience and dedication of our fans as we work towards these exciting milestones.
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