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The Dynamics of Relationships in Farm Folks

Hello, folks!

The Crytivo team is sending you our warmest wishes this Valentine's Day.

We're here to flood your world with smiles and a tsunami of positivity! May this Valentine's Day not only warm your heart but also spark the joy of companionship, even if it means finding someone who laughs when you forget to water the plants.

Diving Deeper into Relationships in Farm Folks

This moment is perfect to dive deeper into what sets Farm Folks apart from just another day of farming. Our game is bursting with diverse systems like Construction, Automation, Farming, Ranching, Survival, Character Leveling, and even Combat. We're keen to explore these in detail soon, but today, let's focus on the heart of our game: the Characters (NPCs).


Navigating relationships with these characters requires thoughtful choices. Every action and decision you make influences how characters perceive and react to you. They're not static; their preferences, likes, and dislikes significantly impact your journey. Neglect them, and you might find merchants spiking their prices, or residents giving you the cold shoulder.

Each character brings a unique personality and backstory to life. Discover what makes them tick through conversations and quest completions. How you dress and present yourself also matters, affecting their reactions through stats like Impression and Practicality. (We'll delve into these attributes in upcoming blogs; don't forget to sign up to our news updates)

We're developing a clothing stat system responsible for clothing Impressions and Practicality. Some outfits will look stunning but be totally impractical to work on the farm, and others, like jeans, will have high practicality and medium impression, allowing you to get dirty in style. For example, a stunning dress that earns you compliments but gets dirty from farm work might lead to negative emotions and block communication. This system ensures that your fashion choices have real gameplay implications and depth.

But there's more to our characters (NPCs) than meets the eye. They adapt to the changing seasons and their mood swings, changing their clothing and even their hairstyles! Watching the residents of Farm Folks evolve in such ways brings a new layer of depth and realism to our world.

Below, you can find some character designs from the Farm Folks. We will talk about every individual in our future updates:

Relationship Dynamics

In Farm Folks, you'll navigate a range of possible relationships with the characters: Marriage, friendship, rivalry, and potentially more. Each relationship status offers unique interactions and outcomes, adding layers of complexity to your gameplay experience.

In-game social network Buzzila

Buzzila, our in-game social network, is your gateway to staying updated with the evolving relationships and events. It's filled with intriguing tidbits, from winning over characters to learning about their quirks. Stay tuned for more details in our future blogs and consider subscribing to our emails for the latest updates.

Close Relationships

Forming deeper bonds allows you to find a life partner and even get married. Coexistence demands understanding each other's living needs, reflected in our system that appreciates the significance of rooms and decorations. (Expect more on this in future discussions.)

Imagine needing to create a mansion that caters to your partner’s unique tastes—maybe they desire pink wallpapers and Baroque-style furniture, or perhaps they won’t settle for less than two refrigerators in the kitchen. And about that Mercedes mention? While it sounds like we’re pitching an ad, rest assured, it’s all in good fun - no luxury cars or real ads yet!

After committing to a character, you're given time, like half an in-game year, to fulfill their living standards. Failure to do so signals a lack of commitment, risking the relationship. Success, however, means inviting your partner into your life on the farm.

And if one partner isn’t enough, why not explore connections with multiple characters? Balancing their needs adds a layer of strategy and depth to your Farm Folks story.

Would you like to see children in the game? Let us know if adding nurseries or children’s rooms sounds like a charming update!

Player Relationships

And there's more! Beyond NPC interactions, we're opening the doors to romantic ventures with other players. Imagine going on dates, exchanging gifts, and possibly walking down the aisle together.

What’s more romantic than carrying your partner or sharing a mount for a sunset ride? Your feedback is crucial—share your dreams and ideas for what love and life in Farm Folks could be.

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We eagerly await your comments and suggestions. What other features would you love to see in Farm Folks?

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Desiiirae Games
Desiiirae Games
Feb 17

OMG!!! I would love to have children in the game!!! Decorating my Nursery!!!!!! Love It.


Feb 16

gibt es dieses Spiel auch auf deutsch?


Feb 16

will it be possible to play the game as a single player without having to play with others?

Alex Koshelkov
Alex Koshelkov
Feb 18
Replying to

Yes, you'll be able to play alone.

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