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Character Customizations and NPCs and Towns in the Farm Folks

Hello Farm Folks!

We hope you’re happily preparing for the winter holidays! Our team, as usual, has been hard at work with Farm Folks and making it a game you all will love. As we’re sure you’ve noticed, we haven’t posted Dev Updates in a while. We enjoy sharing our work with you as we go along, but we also recognize that it’s nice to have everything compiled into one place. Since we’ve been working nonstop, there’s plenty to discuss! In fact, there’s so much to cover that we’re splitting this Update #5 into three parts.

As voted by our fantastic community, Part 1 below features character customization, NPCs, animations, questlines, and the Town!

For those of you who are new to Farm Folks, feel free to follow our development more closely by joining our Discord or following us on Twitter. We post updates on a near-daily basis.

Oh, and if you’re interested in what we’re doing and don’t want to miss our future Devlogs (or even our closed Alpha invites) make sure to sign-up to our emailing list.

Character Customization Sets

Over the last few months, our talented character modelers have been developing character customizations and NPCs. Each piece of clothing can be substituted for another one from different sets. You’ll be able to unlock new clothing pieces by purchasing them in the local store of the Town or by receiving them as a gift from an NPC or other players in Co-op.

All of these clothing options need to be adjusted and rigged to support feminine and masculine body types and various animations.


Our goal is to provide a rich and immersive experience for you when you play Farm Folks. Because you’ll be able to do many things in this world, we have to ensure that there are a variety of unique animations to support your actions appropriately. Every possible character movement (including our animals) requires specific Rigging and Animation. Our incredibly talented animator, Julya, has been busy bringing all of our characters to life. Check out some of the animations below.

You can track animations that we're adding to the game here.

Masculine Rig and Animations

Last month, we specifically worked on masculine body animations. In order to achieve this, we had to adjust all of our current feminine animations and affix them onto a new body! We’re pretty happy with the end result.

Quest System

Every NPC will have their own story for you to uncover. NPCs will also have a set of things they like and dislike.

NPCs will not only have storylines, but also random quests ranging from bringing some homegrown carrots to your friend to researching a particular technology for an NPC. The majority of random quests will be unique. Some quests will analyze player actions and, of course, all quests will give you precious rewards - resources, relations, special items, and even unique clothes and transport.

Here is a current list of Quest Types we’re planning to add:

  • Craft specific items (and keep them, but also get additional rewards)

  • Bring specific items to NPC

  • Grow X plants of Y type

  • Catch X fish of Y type

  • Research specific technology

  • Explore some places on island and discover treasure

  • Construct specific buildings/furniture in your house (if it’s accessible for you)

  • Other types

Most of these quests will have varying difficulties, allowing you to select harder (or easier) quest versions. Harder quests will yield greater rewards that would otherwise be inaccessible with quests of an easier difficulty.

The game will also track your progress and balance tasks so you can be well-informed about the odds of quest completion. A quest giver won’t overwhelm a newcomer with a quest to bring him thousands of advanced microprocessors or 20 tonnes of refined titanium alloys.

Each NPC will be prone to give quests associated with them. For example:

  • Fishermen will give quests related to fishing such as bringing him fish, fishing tools, or components needed for a new boat, fishing rod, etc.

  • A tailor will usually request some cloth, wool, or clothing that’s already sewn

  • Town folks may request items ranging from bricks and carrots to advanced electronics and car wheels


We’re proud to say that every NPC in Farm Folks is romanceable! We’re designing romantic events that you can attend with your chosen one. Some examples of romantic activities include, but are not limited to: Skydiving, sharing Cocktails, hosting Yacht Parties, Jet Skiing, Romantic Dinners, etc.

Some NPCs, if you take the time to get to know them, will share their dreams with you. We will talk more about NPC behaviors and romance in the future, so be sure you’re signed up for our email updates so you don’t miss it!


In a previous update, we introduced Pietro, our wholesome trader and traveler. He owns his own trade boat that he inherited from his father. Now, we have a 3D model of Pietro and his beloved trade boat, Giuseppe’s Son.

NPCs Schedules and Behaviors

NPCs will live their own lives and stick to their personal daily schedules. Some NPCs will have to attend work and can be met either at their place of employment or at their homes at certain times of the day. NPCs can change their haircut or outfit which will be reflected in your conversation with them. If you hint that you aren’t a big fan of their new look, they may revert their changes to how they originally looked.

NPCs Noticing Your Appearance

NPCs will notice your presence and will greet you or comment on some of your behaviors. They may, in fact, compliment a fresh haircut or your clothing style. Some places in Town will have a dress code if you would like to attend them. For example, a Cocktail Party on a Yacht will require you to find a Cocktail Dress or Tuxedo before you can attend. And, of course, you can invite Anjelica to join you since she’s always dreamed of attending such a party. She may even need help in acquiring a dress.

Concepts of New NPCs

Meet Anjelica!

Anjelica is a skilled engineer responsible for maintaining local structure and keeping everything together. Most of the time she can be found working with her colleague, Nico.

When Anjelica manages to pull herself away from work, her world quiets just enough to find herself reminiscing about her trip to the Island of the Dragons. During her time there, Anjelica foolishly fell in love with a beautiful mermaid that lived in the area. Anjelica hasn’t been back since, but dreams of meeting her mermaid again. Perhaps you’re the one to help reunite them.


Nico is always on the lookout for ways to improve his technological skills. In helping Anjelica with engineering work, he doesn’t mind stepping away for a moment or two to help you fix something. He also has a side hustle of selling homemade gadgets out of his garage.

Introducing Stella!

Stella is the charming and charismatic florist of the Town. You can always count on her to brighten your day, whether that’s from the sunflowers or her own smile. As a big fan of exotic flowers, Stella has an incredible green thumb. Visit her shop to admire new and familiar plants and flowers that you yourself can learn to grow on your farm.

Need some help with your plantings? Stella may also share some secrets on how to increase the health and yield of your flowers and crops. Get to know her better and you may even discover what this florist’s favorite flower is.


Katarina works at the largest souvenir shop on the island. As a timid individual, you may find Katarina hiding behind some of the items in-store, but that doesn’t mean she’s not willing to lend you a helping hand. Ask Katarina for help in picking out some special decorations for friends or for your own home.

One of Katarina’s favorite hobbies include bird watching! She hopes she can once again see the strange bird she discovered in the Fairy Forest.


Rebeca is a salesperson at the local scooter shop on the Island. Rebeca has a spunky personality and avoids being placed in one box. Be it her hair, clothing style, or interests, Rebeca is always willing to try new things and lead a life of adventure. Need an electric scooter? Visit Rebeca in Town!

Say hello to Aurora!

Aurora is a talented landscape architect with a love for nature and an eye for design. She strives to create yards and gardens that can act as safe and serene places for people, especially when they need help in turning their vision into reality.

Aurora will be happy to help you with your landscaping needs and can even provide you access to unique gardening accessories and decorations. As a lover of sunsets and boating adventures, Aurora is a kind-hearted soul you won’t soon forget.

Our NPC system is still in the early stages of development which means, if you have any recommendations or suggestions, now is the time to share them with us! Leave us a comment about what NPC catches your eye or what else you would like to see implemented in the game.

Islands and Town

The Town and islands of Farm Folks are inspired by the archipelagos and islands of Sicily. The old, Italian-inspired structures of Town are going to become the heart of the game as you will need to visit them frequently to advance your stories. In Town, you will be able to meet new NPCs who will have their own character traits, stories, and preferences.

Here are some of the beautiful coastal cities that our amazing artists used as inspiration for the Town.

Inspired by the archipelagos and islands of Sicily.

You will also be able to buy customizable items/options from local shops. These items can include: a new T-shirt, pants, backpack, electric scooter, or even cosmetic options like haircuts, tattoos, etc.

We’re designing the world of Farm Folks to support future expansions. For the future, we’re planning to have multiple islands that host a variety of towns and scattered points of interest. You’ll be able to use various transportation like boats, jet skis, scooters, or speed trains that connect islands together to visit these new and wondrous places.

OH! We Have Mermaids!

The world of Farm Folks will be filled with all sorts of mysteries and wonders to uncover. Since your character will be able to swim and dive, you’ll not only have journeys on land, but also by sea! On your underwater adventures, you may be introduced to some unique creatures, including the Mermaid Colony. You’ll be able to meet the inhabitants of this colony, discover their stories, and yes, even romance them.

Some mermaids will have the ability to convert into a more human-like appearance, using their legs (wow) to go on a date or two with you. We will talk more in the future about different kinds of mysterious colonies that inhabit our islands.

If you haven’t already, join our Discord where you can follow our dev updates on a daily basis, provide immediate feedback, and join the conversation with other farm folks!

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