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Unveiling Animal Nooks: A Cozy Update for Your Farm Animals!

Hey Farm Folks community!

We're thrilled to unveil a brand new gameplay feature that we believe will enhance your farming experience. Say hello to Animal Nooks! Gone are the days where our beloved animals just roamed freely without a dedicated space to rest. With Animal Nooks, every tamed creature on your farm will have its own special spot in the barn.

Why Animal Nooks? Well, just as we need our cozy corners, our farm animals deserve their own comfort zones. It's not just about comfort, though. Without a proper nook, animals might not rest well, leading to potential health issues. So, as you build and manage your barns, it's crucial to allocate these dedicated resting spots to ensure the well-being of your livestock.

Example of Animal Nooks in Farm Folks Game

We're eager to see how you all utilize and personalize these Animal Nooks in your game. Let's create the coziest spaces for our farm friends!

Happy farming! 🌾

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