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Farm Folks Devlog #8 Kickstarter Update, Latest NPCs, Automation, and more!

Updated: Feb 23

Hello Farm Folks!

We’re excited to share with you our latest devlog. In this update, we would like to chat more about our upcoming Kickstarter and the exciting new features we're implementing into the game.


As you know, you - our incredible community - have been asking us to launch on Kickstarter. Well, we’re hard at work on crafting more than just the Kickstarter campaign page, but also an official gameplay trailer for Farm Folks! This trailer will showcase all aspects of the game: farming, construction, automation, NPC interactions, machinery, animals, and various means of transportation. We’re proud to say that the entirety of the trailer is shot within the game. We have no plans to use CGI outside of Unity.

The gameplay trailer itself is a massive undertaking for our smaller team, but we know that it will be well worth it (we think you’ll love it)! At the same time, we are continuously developing game features and assets. It’s certainly a juggle of challenging tasks, but we’re making fruitful progress behind the scenes; some of our folks in Legendairy have seen only a fraction of what’s to come.

While our initial hope was to launch the Kickstarter towards the beginning of 2023, our scope ultimately requires more work and attention to detail. With that said, it probably comes as no surprise that we are pushing the Kickstarter launch further as we continue to craft the campaign. We see your eagerness across our channels and feel the love and support of the community; Crytivo is a small but strong team that is fully invested in seeing Farm Folks become the success you all believe it can be.

Though it may take a little longer for us to hit that Kickstarter launch button, we do want to introduce some Stretch Goals ahead of the Kickstarter. These Stretch Goals will help us evaluate new features and introduce them to the game based on our community preferences. Let’s call them Farm Folks Community Stretch Goals. We will reveal new goals if and when we reach the current one(s). Of course, you can influence our future picks by leaving your comments and suggestions in our Discord.

Please check our updated FAQ section to get your questions answered regarding Kickstarter.

Farm Folks Community Stretch Goals

5000 Kickstarter Followers Stretch Goal Unlocks Console Release!

First and foremost, our plan is to release Farm Folks for Steam on Windows. Help us reach 5000 followers on our Kickstarter promo page to unlock console support for PlayStation and Xbox! The Nintendo Switch console will be introduced as its own goal during the Kickstarter campaign. This decision is meant to account for Switch hardware limitations. If we achieve this goal in the future, our team will need to hire dedicated developers to help us port the game.

To contribute, press "Notify Me On Launch"

25000 Twitter Followers

Unlocks Gardener Accessories

With 25,000 Farm Folks Twitter followers, we will create a set of character-gardener customizations. This fancy set will include a backpack, gloves, and belt.

7500 Members on Discord

Backpack with the Plush Cat inside

You'll never be alone when you're farming and exploring the world of Farm Folks with our Plush Cat Backpack!

You can track Stretch Goal Progress on our Discord

And by the way, Unicow is going to be back on Kickstarter! We know how much you love Unicorn Cow.

Game Updates


We’re continuing to develop concepts and backstories for our town folks. These NPCs will be assigned routine life habits and have their own stories to share. Say hello to some of the newer romanceable folks from town:

Meet Ài

Need fashion advice or expert help when shopping for a new pair of fancy shorts? Meet Ài, a romanceable NPC, who is ready to assist you!

Meet Avril

Avril is a lead vocalist in a local band. She has dreams to fulfill, and she is working hard towards achieving them with or without your help. This fire-haired superstar is sure to rock your world.

Meet Micha

Micha might give people the cold shoulder at first, but she’ll warm up to you if you share her love of nature and passion for protecting the environment.

Meet Mike

As the owner of the hoverboard shop in town, Mike's success isn't something he brags about.

He's a humble entrepreneur who may be looking for a partner to ride alongside for life.

Meet Emre

Emre is the resident expert on all things birds! You can often catch him birdwatching and sporting his signature quirky style.

Meet Willie

Willie is a dedicated lifeguard on a luxurious yacht docked at the island. With a keen eye for detail and years of experience, he takes pride in ensuring the safety of all passengers.

Character Dialogue Screen

The design of the dialogue screen will allow you to communicate with NPCs. The background elements will change depending on your relationship status with the NPC. For instance, if you're friends with them, you might see spring flowers and a green glow.

Dialogue Animations WIP

Your AI-powered Companion, Blackbox

In Farm Folks, you’ll have an AI powered companion that will help you navigate the world. You can decide his coloring and even choose a decorative plant for him.

Examples of Builds and Customizations



Stained Glass

One of our most unique features so far is the ability to choose stained glass designs and colors for your window frames.

Automation and Factories

Our team has spent a great deal of time developing automation systems for the game. We are excited to share that Farm Folks now has electricity and electric generators!. Wind turbines generate electricity based on their positioning in the world (the higher they are the better), wind direction, and intensity.

We’ve also developed and implemented our hydraulic railing system! This automation will allow you to connect machines together and deliver resources to places quickly and more efficiently.

Sneak peek at a Town Building

There’s plenty more to see as our development progresses with near daily updates on both Discord and Twitter. Be sure to follow along and help us shape the game with your input, suggestions, and voting!

Until next time!

The Crytivo Team

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Mom Mom
Mom Mom
May 29, 2023



Samantha Weston
Samantha Weston
May 28, 2023

I thought that it was part of the original plan to release the game on Consoles, so I don't see why it needs to be a stretch goal. I thought that they were going to keep/fulfil all of the promises/visions/features that the original creators of the game had.

Kira La
Kira La
Jun 03, 2023
Replying to

Its because the original developers stops developing the game. They quit and turned the game over to Crytivo. All the funding that was given to the original devs in the original KS was gone and basically Crytivo had to start from scratch and rebuild the entire game. So its like starting over. They wanted to do this KS to get the word out there and to also get funding to help pay all the amazing developers that have been hard at work on this game. Its a unique situation, but i am glad they picked it up and didnt leave it abandoned!


Samantha Weston
Samantha Weston
May 28, 2023

I thought that swimsuit/bikinis were already in the game but if they are not then I agree that swimsuits/bikinis should be a stretch goal


thomas patrick
thomas patrick
May 27, 2023

Bikini/swimsuit outfits needs to be a stretch goal. There at least need to be bikini outfits for the bachelorettes and swimsuit outfits for the bachelors

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