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Customizations, Furniture and Clutter - Devlog #7

Hey there, fellow farmers! Are you ready for some excitement? Our mega devlog update is back with version 3 and, this time, we've got some visual goodies to show you! But hold your horses, because we've got even more thrilling news to share. We're gearing up to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Farm Folks, and we've got some mouth-watering surprises in store for you all. So, make sure to hit that "Notify me on launch" button and join us on this adventure!

We've got even more news! We've decided to run monthly livestreams, and we just had our latest one. If you missed it, don't worry, you can still catch the replay below. We had a blast showcasing our customization systems in the game and giving you a sneak peek at what makes Farm Folks such a unique game full of endless possibilities. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on all the fun and informative content we have in store for you. So, stay tuned for our next livestream, and keep on farming!

Our talented team of illustrators and 3D modelers have been working nonstop on the world of Farm Folks! We’ve been populating the game with unique, highly customizable elements that you will be able to place, decorate, and enjoy in your new home away from home. The level of customization we’re aspiring to is unlike anything you may have ever played before. So buckle up! Here’s Part 3 of our latest devlog.

Kitchen Customizations

Kitchen cabinets will be customization rich (as with almost everything in Farm Folks). For example, you can adjust the width of your cabinets by simply stretching its elements. Paint the wood in whichever color you desire and accent it with custom hardware.

Here's an example of the different variants of kitchen cabinets available:

Of course, no Farm Folks kitchen is complete without your countertop of choice! Our countertops can be painted and adorned with various patterns and textures such as wood, concrete, marble, plastic, etc.

We believe that this attention to detail is a fresh addition to the farming sim genre and, with these details in place, your new home is sure to look magnificent!

Kitchen cabinet handles are an essential component of any kitchen design, and there are numerous types and styles to choose from. From sleek and minimalist handles to ornate and decorative options, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few examples of popular kitchen cabinet handle designs that you might consider for your home:

Kitchen Stoves

Add some spice to your kitchen utilities with our adorable stoves and matching hoods! Mix and match to your heart’s content. Looking for something whimsical to match your other froggy furniture? Give our dapper frog a try. Maybe your kitchen will be the cat’s meow with our purrrfect kitten design?

You can also take your kitchen into a more classic direction. Maybe even a futuristic one!

We’ve also started working on kitchen appliance clutter that will help inject life into your space.


You know that thing that’s buzzing in your kitchen? Well we have a variety of these so-called fridges for you to choose from! You’ll have the perfect (and cutest) place to store your leftovers with an ice box wrapped in a tiger or cow pattern. Maybe you’ll forego the traditional rectangular fridge and opt for a little egg?

As with the majority of our furniture pieces, you’ll have the freedom to tweak every element of this appliance, including the pattern, exterior color, and even the interior color (what craziness, ha)! No matter your craving for customization, we’ve got you covered.

Most of our kitchen appliances are going to be interactive and serve a purpose in-game. We will continue populating your future kitchens with awesomeness so let us know in the comments what we should add next.


Carpets and rugs in the game will, of course, have a high level of customization. You can install carpet in an entire room or only place it in specific areas. Different patterns and styles will be available at your fingertips so you can be sure your space is as comfy as can be.

Items, Furniture, and Clutter

Bathroom Clutter




Shelves are also customizable! There are up to 3 different colors that can be applied to your shelves. You can choose different styles, play with sizing, and pick different handles. All shelves start off empty and can be filled with our “clutter,” just the way you want it.

Fishing Rod

Fishing rods will have different levels in Farm Folks. Higher-level fishing rods will allow you to catch bigger fish.


We’ve designed more light fixtures! Our light fixtures utilize our adaptive design function, meaning fixtures will adapt to the surface you’re pointing your cursor towards. For example, if you choose to place a lamp and point your cursor to the wall, it will automatically change and become a wall lamp! Move your cursor up toward the ceiling and it will adapt and become a ceiling lamp fixture. The same will happen if you look at the floor or a shelf.

What is also cool about these lamps is that you can choose different shades for almost any lamp pole design. You can select your pattern and color for all elements of the lamp.

Coffee Tables


TVs will deliver important information to you, the player. These broadcasts will include things like Weather Forecasts, Local Festivals, Contest Schedules, etc.

Grandfather Clock

Color Mixer Station

Our Color Mixer Station is specially designed to help you extract colors from berries scattered around the island.

Gather different colored berries and mix them into a jar to yield a unique color. Attach it to your spray gun and you’re good to go! This system will allow us to control coloring options at the beginning of the game for new players. You’ll be able to make any color you want as you progress and unlock new locations with new berries. The UI is still in development, but you’ll get to see it soon. If you don’t want to miss it, please join our Discord or join our emailing list.


There are multiple disciplines in this task that include ground tilling, seeds planting/throwing, crop growth mechanics, watering, etc.

  • We’re working on basic farming mechanics first. It will allow you to plant, water, and harvest crops. In our future updates, we will add a system that will support dynamic fruit or veggie spawning. Based on the set of parameters that you’ll need to meet, you’ll be able to increase or lower the yield of the crop.

  • Watering is another beast of the system. We’ve already implemented water containers and are now working on polishing the system overall. It needs to be intuitive and easy to use.

  • Electricity generation and transmission. Solar panels and windmills will generate electricity for your farm and, by placing electric poles, you’ll be able to deliver electricity to devices or structures that require it.

  • Basic character stats:

    • Fatigue will make your character less efficient and you’ll need to sleep to recover. You can, however, still skip a few nights of sleep if you have things to do since the game doesn’t have a Forceful Night's Sleep mechanic.

    • Character Experience. Your character will acquire experience as a farmer or a builder as your tasks correspond to skill actions. Mechanics, structures, and crops will unlock based on your character's experience.

    • Clothing Stats that include Impression and Practicality. We will talk about this in the future.

  • Resource mining and resource delivery system.

  • Expansion of the construction system, including new construction blocks and new materials.

  • User Experience improvements.

  • Flooring.

  • Wall painting.

  • Character creation and customization.

  • Basic NPC interactions.

  • Quest system expansion.

  • Co-op optimizations.

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Thank you everyone, and don't forget to join our Discord Server Here

-Crytivo Crew

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